Company Mission:

Actually DONE leverages our virtual professionals' skills​ to propel

positive impact organizations forward to improve the planet, one project at a time!

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Actually DONE: Virtual Professional Business Services

We are your business staffing gap management resource.

Every business has gaps in business expertise or bandwidth, reducing its overall productivity. The time it takes to recruit, screen, contract and oversee independent contractors stretches the organization even thinner. Think of us as your freelancer hub of experienced business professionals on-call.

When you need administrative help, you call a temp agency. When you need strategic business advice, you hire a consulting firm. Who do you call when you need skilled business professionals that are tactical implementors to fill your business expertise and bandwidth gaps? Actually DONE Virtual Professionals!

We are a virtual professional services firm that exists to complete planet-improving projects. We serve diverse, international clients seeking reliable completion of their mission-critical projects. It is important our clients believe in the triple bottom line: People, Planet & Profits.  Our services are provided virtually to allow our professionals the freedom to live where they are happiest and most productive. A virtual workforce also reduces transportation CO2 emissions and reduces staffing costs for our clients.

Actually DONE would like to be known internationally as an on-going project resource for positive impact organizations and conscious businesses. Our mission is to facilitate those organizations fulfilling their missions by practicing servant leadership.​