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Our primary goal is to provide insights on how to get the most out of your independent contractors and service providers. A secondary goal is to spread conscious business acumen strategies for positive impact organizations. Please suggest topics for future blog articles.


The 1 Question Sales Rep Interview

Having been in sales for over 20 years, I consider every interview the opportunity to demonstrate my sales style and skills, as I am selling that which I should be the most familiar with: Myself!  Some interviewers may consider this article a bit harsh, but true service oriented sales professionals would invite not fear this question.. Read full article...

Daring Networking: Seeking Truthful Objectives

Networkers bellow “What do you do?” over the room filled with required gracious laughs. Instead of relaying your 30 sec elevator pitch, how about seeking truthful objectives while at your next happy hour? Read full article...

Easily Solve Gaps in Expertise & Bandwidth

Globally there is a tremendous talent shortage. Unfortunately there are only 3 real solutions to this problem. Discover the pros and cons of each and a unique solution you may not have thought of to fill gaps in expertise and/or bandwidth.  Read full article... 

Reflections on New Beginnings & Callings

Few of us are gifted the opportunity to rest, reflect and reset. As an aspiring conscious business owner, that is exactly what I did this summer to formulate Actually DONE's vision, mission and core values.  Read full article... 

The Business "C" Word: How to Increase Consultants' ROI

No matter the type of consultant or topic they are consulting on, there are always two consistent deliverables: A long to-do list and a big invoice! Learn how to most effectively leverage their expertise and ensure the recommendations are implemented.  Read full article...

YES, it's on our To Do list to write many more blogs.  

The best news is that we are busy serving clients, the good news is that we have lots of ideas, the bad news is that there isn't much here for you to read yet.

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