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Virtual Professional Rates

“Working with Actually DONE saves money, because they are so efficient.  We find Actually DONE incredibly reliable and can relax when they are involved.”

President, Wisconsin Clinical Hypnosis Society

​​Actually DONE offers several flexible options:

30-minute Project Clarification phone call:          Free of charge

90-minute Needs Assessment:                                  $97
Several clients have said, “I’m so overwhelmed, I don’t know what I need help with!”  Let’s figure it out together! 

During your Needs Assessment, your professional will:

  1. Get your to do list recorded
  2. Categorize it by on-going vs. one-time tasks
  3. Determine what can be outsourced
  4. Create and prioritize projects
  5. Choose the optimal fee structure to get the projects Actually DONE!

New Client Introductory Specials

Let's discuss your project to determine the best way to get it Actually DONE!

Fee Structures

  • Scope of Work:  Your virtual professional provides a comprehensive scope of work document with payment details.

  • Monthly Retainer: Minimum 3-month contract, payable monthly. Reserve your professional's time in increments of 10-40 hours per month. Effective hourly rate decreases with a higher number of pre-booked hours.

  • Pre-Paid Packages:  Purchase 10, 25 or 50 hour bundles to be used anytime within 90 days. Effective hourly rate decreases with larger bundles.

  • Flat Hourly Rate: Each professional has their own rates, depending on the services provided.